Introduction to the HRDC team

to the HRDC team

to the HRDC team

Like all good event organisers, the HRDC has an event team whose skills are expertly honed in making each race event the best possible experience for its Members and guest drivers.

Whilst much work takes place behind the scenes in preparation for any meeting, it is the event team that delivers the race day to you. The HRDC team has been working together for many years now and all are equally enthusiastic in making sure that you are part of The Best Team in Historic Racing!


Julius is responsible for putting each HRDC season’s race calendar together and negotiating with race circuit providers on when, where and how the HRDC will be racing. Getting the right balance of dates, venues and staus of meetings is a juggling act that no-one else in the team wants to do!

On race days, Julius is responsible for getting the show on track and being MC at the often-hilarious HRDC prizegivings!


Nicky is the HRDC Administrator, collating all race entry information into working documents that are issued to the circuit organisers as well as ensuring that your membership packs get to you along with the cards that you receive as confirmation of your race entries.

On race days, Nicky works with Ruth Bolton to deliver you the excellent hospitality that emanates, as if by magic, from the HRDC ‘Krazy Karavan’ that is the focal point of our race paddock.


Micky has worked alongside Julius as his Wingman since the early days of ‘Top Hat Racing’. With the HRDC now being in its fourteenth season – it has been an enduring partnership which has carried with it a host of race day challenges – hopefully all successfully met and completed.

A long-time racer in his own right, do not be surprised if you see Micky in your rear-view mirror! (Usually driving a self-restored and prepared Alfetta GTV, although his racing stable is still growing with new projects!). If you have a problem on any race day, Micky is your point of contact.


Like Micky, Ruth has been on the Team since the early days. Her culinary expertise is legendary in historic paddocks throughout the UK and quite how Ruth manages to feed and water us all from the confines of the HRDC ‘Krazy Karavan’ is definitely a Dark Art!

Few race organisations look after their competitors as well as Ruth does (along with the able assistance of Nicky) on race days. Both ensure that they provide not only a great social atmosphere for our competitors, but also a welcome destination for our competitors’ partners.


When it comes to what is happening on track, the HRDC Team is constantly in the know due to the jurisdiction of its Permanent Clerk of the Course, Mr Glynn Lee. Glynn is a Director of the BRSCC, to which the HRDC is affiliated to. It would take a hefty tome to record Glynn’s experience in presiding over all genres of motorsport events.

It is that experience that is a key asset to the smooth running of all the HRDC races. With Glyn keeping a keen eye on our races from his vantage point in Race Control, he has the advantage of being in direct contact with Julius and Micky in the paddock. What could possibly go wrong?


The HRDC’s ethos is to get competitors and their cars on track and to provide an even playing field where our competitors can enjoy their races to the full. In doing so it is the responsibility of the HRDC to ensure that a pragmatic approach to regulations is upheld even though we do not run a championship for any of our categories. If a technical question arises on any car racing with us, we have Nigel to advise us.

Nigel Jones is a senior, MSUK registered International Scrutineer with a wealth of experience over many genres of motorsport. Those lucky enough to race at Goodwood will no doubt have met Nigel in his capacity as the Revival Eligibility Scrutineer. He is here as part of the HRDC Team to help – not to hinder!


If the name seems familiar, you would be right! Gregor is the son the legendary Touring Car Ace, Gerry Marshall, whom the HRDC celebrates with its eponymous race series for pre-’83 Gp.1 Touring Cars.  Gregor is literally a walking encyclopaedia on all aspects of this genre of Touring Car racing and a pretty dab hand behind the wheel too (It obviously runs in the family!)

Gregor is the go-to man if your interest is for racing pre-’83 Gp.1 & Gp.1½ Touring Cars – (and also Production Saloons that ran in the same era). Gregor is in attendance at all HRDC race events and will also be racing in all rounds of the series. If you have any questions – just ask the man who knows!


Here is the motorsport legend that is Jeff Bloxham! Over many decades, his motorsport photos have covered the pages of all the mainstream motorsport journals and there are very few F1 and top-flight professional drivers who have not been captured in Jeff’s eagle-eyed lenses.

So why does Jeff cover all the HRDC races when there are often major, mainstream motor race meetings being run on the same day? Jeff’s answer to that is that the HRDC racers invariably puts on a better show. If you don’t believe that, just come to an HRDC race event and ask the man yourself!